Tuesday, 10 May 2016

The Hardest Thing About Running a London Escort Agency

What is the hardest thing to do when it comes to running an escort agency? What is it that takes up all your time? What is the thing that causes the most stress? These are all questions that I get asked a lot, more than what you would think, I have also been ask if I have ever thought about writing a book, I am sorry my writing talents stick here at these great little blogs that I scribe for you, my faithful, my follows, the people whom I love to entertain.

You see by running an escort agency, please remember that in fact I run two escort agencies, diorescorts.com and Rachaels London Escort service, both really well know and both very busy.
I used to watch the TV show Secret Dairy of a Call Girl, I would set there of an evening with a glass of wine – Rose, my favorite is Chteau Leoube Petit Rose Tout Simple 2012, it’s a wine that I first tried when I visit the Cote d’Azur, its beautiful peachy backtone went so well with the sexy back drop of the most beautiful ocean in the world.

Off track there!

So I’d sit there, surrounded by mobile phones, laptops and pen and paper and watch away, constantly having to stop the programe to answer a call, make a booking or help one of my very sexy London escorts find their way about. The show made me laugh, Billie Piper looked great in it, so great that real life ruined her for me, I got sick and tried of seeing her in sweat pants – make an effort lady, you haven’t been given that arse to hide it in loose fitting grey tracksuit bottoms!!!

My favorite cast member was Cherie Lunghi who played Stephanie, the owner of the London Escort agency that Belle used to advertise her, the one whom put it all together, what a women, always smart, always on point  and so well organized, it made me laugh even more than the show. This was the women who was doing the job that I was doing – from my sofa, but she was doing it from the bar of a 5 star hotel, or the best table in the best restaurant in London. It made me wonder, perhaps if Dior Escorts wasn’t so busy then I would be able to do what she does, perhaps I would have the time to get ready and to get to these places but for the minute I had to stay in my house, in my SWEAT PANTS and watch a great life, the life not only of a very sexy London escort but the life of a very sexy London escort agency owner played out on TV in front of me.

One can only dream!